The Melodic Rockband CAPTAIN BLACK BEARD has been around for a while and as their new album is quite strong, we decided to catchy up with bassist Robert Majd...



When did you decide to call your band CAPTAIN BLACK BEARD?

About a week after I met the other founding members of the band. We had a gig but no name so it was a bit rushed maybe.



How come that Sweden is such a breeding place for melodic rock/aor music, is in your blood? (I call it the  New Wave Of Swedish Melodic Rock (NWOSMR) movement)

I like that name. I think there's always been great music made here it's just easier to get good equipment nowadays. Also, when you see great bands emerging from your country, then you might get inspired to give it a try yourself.



Which acts did directly influence you to create your melodic rock?

KISS has influenced me immensely but there's a little bit of all the bands that we listen to. Lately maybe Rainbow, Michael Schenker, Beast In Black, Night Flight Orchestra, Mother's Finest and H.E.A.T.



You switched singers a few times, is Martin now the permanent lead singer?

Absolutely! He's a keeper.



How does it look like now these days, your personal lives due to the corona virus?

Less actual work but still super busy. We're promoting the new album, starting to write music and we also just launched a fan club with a fanzine and all. Please check it out at

That is also the place where you order the limited edition vinyl of "Sonic Forces".



Life after the corona virus means touring again?

Oh yeah! We can't wait.



What are your favorite songs to play live?

At the moment, I miss them all!



Can you tell us all about your new album? How did the recording process go and any interesting stories to tell?

We recorded the album in Stockholm with producer Dave Dalone. We started without a singer and hoped we'd find one along the way. The album was almost finished apart from lead vocals when we finally got Martin. I wouldn't recommend working that way but it turned out great.



This time the guitarist from H.E.A.T. produced it, why the switch from their keyboardplayer to the guitarist or was this just a matter of coincidence?

Initially we were going to work with Jona Tee again but he was too busy when we wanted to start. He suggested Dave and after a meeting to see if we could agree on a vision for the album, we got started.


Finally, some short questions to answer so we can get to know you guys a little bit better (if possible pls let all the members of the band answer these questions):


Bassist Robert Majd

First record ever bought? KISS - Destroyer
Last record bought? Blackfoot-box set
Best record of all times? KISS - Love Gun

Besides AOR what other music you are listening to? Any song that is good. Rock, pop or metal doesn't matter.

First concert visited? KISS in Stockholm 1996
Last concert visited? Geoff Tate in January 2020, since we were supporting him.

Finest moment in your life (can be anything, not specifically something musically speaking): Birth of my son.

Favorite food: Persian kebab

Favorite drink: Beer

Other interests besides music? Sports, movies & beer... travelling. But there's a lot of music!


Drummer Vinnie Stromberg:

First record: Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the Moon

Last record : Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Memories in Rock II

Best record of all: Dream Theater - Images and Words

Listening to: Progressive metal like Myrath, Symphony X and Dynazty

First concert: Mötley Crüe - Theatre of Pain-tour, 21st feb 1986 at Isstadion in Stockholm

Last concert: The Night Flight Orchestra

Finest moment: My kids.

Favorite food: Raggmunk med fläsk

Favorite drink: Whiskey

Other interests: Food, traveling, movies, NHL hockey and video games


Lead singer Martin Holsner:

- First record ever bought?

Absolute Love... yeah it's embarrassing...

- Last record bought?

Mikael Kiske - Instant Clarity

- Best record of all times?

Avantasia - Metal opera part 1 and 2.

- Besides AOR what other music you are listening to?

I'm week for power metal.

- First concert visited?

As a kid I saw Mora Träsk, a Swedish kids show with rock'n'roll! First large concert was AC/DC.

- Last concert visited?

H.E.A.T. in 2020.

- Finest moment in your life (can be anything, not specifically something musically speaking):

Birth of my son. <3

- Favorite food

Pad-thai with tofu

- Favorite drink

Beer in (almost) any form!

- Other interests besides music?

Swimming, running, economy, science, friends and family, computer gaming and more.


Guitarist Christian Ek:

- First record ever bought?

Twisted Sister - Stay Hungry or KISS - Lick It Up, could also been Accept - Metal Heart

- Last record bought?

H.E.A.T - II

- Best record of all times?

"Sonic Forces" or another great record, there’s a lot of good albums.

- Besides AOR what other music you are listening to?

Best of Thrash/Hardrock and Pop, a good song is a good song.

- First concert visited?

Metallica 1992 in Stockholm, Globe Arena

- Last concert visited?

Geoff Tate

- Finest moment in your life (can be anything, not specifically something musically speaking):

Meeting my love Jenny.

- Favorite food

Spanish Tapas

- Favorite drink

Whatever is available with alcohol, mostly red wine or beer.

- Other interests besides music?

Some carpentering

Thanks for the interview and good luck with this great new Melodic Rock/AOR album!

Thank you so much!