End of the Dream is a young new band from the Dutch city of Den Bosch which recently released their amazing debut album. On a Sunday afternoon we did an interview with female singer Micky Huijsmans.

Can you tell me something about the history of the band?

Armen Shamelian(guitarist/keyboards) and Robin van Ekeren(guitarist) started as instrumental coverband mostly playing Children of Bodom songs. When they began writing their own songs , they started searching for a singer. At first they wanted a male singer, but when I met Armen (we were class mates at Primary school) I told him that I was a singer. I was invited for the audition and got the job. The music changed to be more suitable for female vocals then (grunting) male ones.

When did you start singing?

My whole life basically, but it became reality when I discovered Within Temptation at Primary school. I took vocals lessons which I still do to the present day.

Is everybody involved in the writing process of the songs?

Armen writes most music, records the songs (he plays a lot of instruments) and let us hear the music, so we can give our opinion about it and our ideas. He knows really well how to write melody lines for my voice.

The Netherlands has a lot of bands with female singers, how do you distinguish form the other bands?

You cannot place us in one direction, as we have a lot of progressive influences in our music. I bring in some classical influences.

Your voice does remind me a lot of Amy Lee (Evanescence), is she an inspiration for you?

Yeah that’s right, at first that was Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation) for me, she was a big inspiration especially during the release of their album “The Silent Force” and after that I discovered “Fallen” from Evanescence which made a big impression on me.

Joost van den Broek produced your album, how did you get in contact with him?

We looked for a studio to record our album and came across his studio, so we sent him our five demo songs through facebook. Right from the start he liked our songs. He said we could record our album at his studio and he would be the producer.

You’re still very young, do you want to be a professional musician or are you studying for something else too?

Just finished my study Decoration/Painting, but I want to make music to be my profession. In september I am going to the Metal Factory in Eindhoven and there I will get vocal lessons from singer Marcela Bovia (Stream of Passion).

Any plans to do a tour?

Currently we are in contact with JBM events, which is a booking agency. They are going to arrange gigs for us. We told them we like to go on tour as support act with a big act. Nothing is official right now, but we hope to publish more gigs as soon as possible.

What do you hope to achieve in ten years?

To make a lot of albums with the band and reach a big audience.

Finally I have some short personal questions:

One older sister who is not in the music business but loves to listen to it like the rest of the family

First bought LP/CD:
Open door - Evanescence

First gig:
The Gathering, Willem 2 Den Bosch

Favorite non Metal artist:

I like everything

Water, Tea (with Honey), Ice Tea

Singing itself is already a sport especially the difficult parts, maybe if I go on tour I will do some sport

Your favorite own song:
“Away” to sing and “Dark Reflection” to listen to

Thanks for the interview and hope to see you at one of your gigs.