Ethernity is a band from Belgium, formed 15 years ago and featuring 3 brothers. They just released their debut album on which they play progressive power metal and I caught up with the drummer Nicolas Spreutels...

-I'm very impressed with your amazing debut, the band already founded in 2000 why did it take so long to record your first album? Tell me something about the history of the band?

- Hi! Thank you very much! It's true it took 13 years before deciding to record an album. When we started the band in 2000, we were all beginners and started learning music. It would have been impossible to release such songs back then. It took us some time before having the skills to be able to play the music we wanted. We just followed our path of a young band, writing our first songs, getting the right singer, record our first demos and then making a bunch of shows to gain experience. When we felt the moment had come to take the things a bit more seriously, we just did it. We really wanted our first real effort to be as good as possible.

-Especially in the guitarwork I hear similarities to Symphony X, do you agree? What are your other influences?

- Of course we agree! Symphony X is a major influence in our music. Every band member have different taste in Hard Rock/Metal music. It goes from Evergrey, Stratovarius to Deep Purple, Europe and even Hatesphere and Testament.

-What are the lyrics about on the album?

- The lyrics are often kinda dark. There's a theme along the whole album which is: Your life is made of all the choices that you've made but what would have happened if you've taken another path? The album goes into a thiller/sci-fi kind of mood while also dealing with the loss of a loved one or double personalities.

-Julie Colin has an amazing voice, how did you get in contact with her?

- Indeed! Glad for having her! During a few years, the majority of the band was learning in a rock oriented music school in our area. One day, Julie came as one of the new students. We were kinda impressed by her and asked immediately if she would be interested to come to one of our rehearsals! The rest is history!

-There are three family members in the band, makes that easier to work with? Which one of the family was the first to discover Heavy Metal?

- Right! Of course it's great! It's a beautiful thing that we share this together. I don't know if it makes things easier than in other bands, but it's cool to have a common passion between us.
The 3 Spreutels are brothers and cousins and our fathers were playing in a Heavy Metal band. So I don't think there's a first one! We're into this kind of music since we're born! I guess they gave us the virus and we wanted also to have our own band!

-Any plans to go on tour? Maybe Holland?

- We'd like to go on tour! We already had a few proposals but nothing we can afford right now unfortunately. Maybe when the time is right, we will come. For now, we have a few isolated shows and we'll play in Switzerland soon. Demands from outside Belgium are slowly showing up. Of course Holland would be great too! If there's some Dutch promoters around, feel free to invite us!

Some short personal questions:

-First bought LP/CD: When I was a kid, I was often stealing my father's cassettes of the Scorpions, Kiss, Yngwie Malmsteen. I think the first CD I really asked for me was Europe's "Prisonners in Paradise" around 1992.

-First gig: Royal Hunt - The Mission tour

-Favourite Metal artist: Symphony X

-Favourite non-Metal artist: David Cook

-Food: Fries

-Drinks: Beer

-Sports: Olympic Wrestling

-Favourite country to play in the future: Finland

-Your favourite own song: It's not released yet :-)

Anything to add for our readers....
Thanks for reading the interview and for your interest into Ethernity. If you want to know more about us, feel free to visit our official website and Facebook page (, If you want to get your good dose of metal and be in a good mood, come and see us live when we'll come to your place!