BEST OF 2021

Life brings many new adventures each and every single day, some of them are priceless, but others make you realise that things aren't always going the way you planned it and you experience important lessons in life. Without a doubt, everything you face in life is memorable, good and/or bad, so looking back each year is always interesting to see your own further development, because you're never too old to learn...

Besides health, family, friends, work, music is one of the important things in my life, because music is the story of my life in the 44 years I am on planet earth now. It all started in the very early 1980s collecting new 45" singles on vinyl (80s music), playing old records from my parents (50s-70s music) and listening to the radio all day (all decades), constantly discovering new music and especially during the 1980s and early 1990s, I was constantly growing in music knowledge.

In the mid 1990s I started my own little fanzine called Strutter'zine, which is in 2022 exactly 28 years ago and many things have changed since writing the first words about starting this fanzine and now here I am publishing my 2021 best albums and best songs in a year that I married the love of my life! Anyway, despite the pandemic, I will continue to do this, help out struggling musicians, because nothing in the world would make me change something if I could go back to 1994 when I was just a 17-year old boy who went to meet musicians, promoters, managers, etc in the following decades.

Every once in a while I look at all those old pictures, letters, tapes, vinyls, cds, promo packages, t-shirts, etc. in my collection, which is all part of this incredible ride, which I hope to continue for many years to come, although compared to the 1990s, my time is limited nowadays, so please bare with me for not always frequently updating the website and/or replying to your messages. Believe me, music will always be in my life and whenever you think I need to hear and review something that I might have missed (especially vinyl is welcome!), please feel free to contact me at:

Now... it's time for the lists...

2021 was a great year for new music, just like 2020 and below you can see my personal favorite albums of songs of 2021. And believe it or not, but you will not find the new albums of ABBA, ED SHEERAN and ADELE included in this list!

MS OF 2021

1 Nestor Kids in a Ghost Town
2 Night Flight Orchestra, The Aeromantic 2
3 Styx Crash of the crown
4 Sullivan, Quinn Wide Awake
5 Page 99 Page 99
6 Soen Imperial
7 Bonamassa, Joe Time clocks
8 Volbeat  Servant of the Mind
9 Super DB Ecoute ca
10 Wardruna Kvitravn
11 Mostly Autumn Graveyard star
12 Blackberry Smoke You hear Georgia
13 Manic Street Preachers The Ultra Vivid Lament
14 Mastodon Hushed and Grim
15 Black Keys, The Delta Kream
16 Evergrey Escape of the phoenix
17 Vintage Caravan, The Monuments
18 Evership The uncrowned king
19 Art Of Illusion X Marks The Spot
20 De Wolff Wolffpack
21 Yola Stand for myself
22 Altin Gun Yol
23 Django Django Glowing in the dark
24 Iron Maiden Senjutsu
25 Seventh Crystal Delirium
26 Khemmis Deceiver
27 Green Lung Black Harvest 
28 Monsieur Doumani Pissourin
29 Strand Of Oaks In Heaven
30 Various Artists Brighter days ahead
31 Mdou Moctar Afrique Victime
32 Duran Duran Future past
33 Carrack, Paul One on one
34 Mick Stender Let's Rock'n Roll Again
35 Ropes Of Night Impossible space
36 Poverty's No Crime A secret To Hide
37 Seven Bridges Million voices
38 Sordal Jung & Jupiter
39 Stanley's Soul Station, Paul Now and Then
40 Maximo Park Nature always wins
41 Ronnie Atkins One Shot 
42 Labyrinth Welcome To The Absurd Circus
43 The Neal Morse Band Innocence & Danger 
44 Coral Coral Island
45 Them Dirty Dimes In Gold we trust
46 Houston  IV
47 The Doobie Brothers Liberté
48 Adams & Mauro Durante, Justin Still moving
49 Boogie Monster Boogie Monster
50 Hardwicke Circus The borderland
51 Dream Theater A View From On Top Of The World 
52 Smith/Kotzen Smith/Kotzen
53 Menahan Street Band Dunham
54 Bell Helium Bell Helium
55 Frazer, Aaron Introducing…
56 Jones & The Indications, Durand Private space
57 Mother Road 2
58 Sunset Sinners Sunset Sinners
59 Inhaler It won't always be like this
60 Poppermost, The Hits to spare
61 The Damn Truth Now or Nowhere
62 Weezer Van Weezer
63 Lifesigns Altitude
64 Donner Hesistant light
65 Eternal Flame, Michael Schinkel's Gravitation
66 Dirty Honey Dirty Honey
67 Aaron, Lee Radio on!
68 El Michels Affair Yeti season
69 Cocktail Slippers, The Shout it out loud
70 Gibbons, Billy F. Hardware
71 Hot Breath Rubbery lips
72 Browne, Jackson Downhill from everywhere
73 Helloween Helloween
74 Eddie 9V Little black flies
75 Castanarc The sea of broken vows
76 Derya Yildirim & Grup Simsek Dost 1
77 Kikidi, Tania Rock & Roll paradise
78 Levara Levara
79 Los Lobos Native sons
80 Inglorious We will ride
81 Mazza, Daniele Immortals
82 Pala Band, The Fred Through a London window
83 Sainted Sinners The essence of rock and roll
84 Sleepmakeswaves Live at the metro
85 TSL Irreverent
86 Vanishing Twin Ookkii gekkou
87 Man Of Moon Dark sea
88 Grinder Blues El dos
89 Mammoth WVH Mammoth WVH
90 Thunder All the Right Noises 
91 Ungerleider, Suzie My Name Is Suzie Ungerleider
92 Ghost Horse Live at Area Sismica 26.1.20
93 Goudreau's Engine Room, Barry The road
94 Hawklords Time
95 Godslave Positive agressive
96 Caper Clowns Abdicate the throne
97 Chez Kane Chez Kane
98 Moore, Gary How blue can you get
99 Maverick Ethereality
100 Trigger Mafia The brotherhood
101 Slavedown The enemy inside
102 Innuendo Time eats everything
103 LRW Project Fight & climb
104 L.A. Maybe, The Dirty damn tricks
105 Artisanals, The Zia
106 Kihlberg's Impera, Johan Spirit of alchemy
107 Bend The Future Without notice
108 Psychoprism R.I.S.E.
109 Metalite A Virtual World
110 Dropkick Murphys Turn Up That Dial
111 The War On Drugs I Don't Live Here Anymore 
112 Brandi Carlile In These Silent Days
113 Transatlantic The absolute universe
114 Joanne Shaw Taylor The blues album
115 Ashes Of Ares Emperors and Fools
116 Lou Hayter Private sunshine
117 Mentulls, The Recipe for change
118 Momentum Uit het leven gegrepen
119 Melissa Etheridge One way out
120 Mayer, Richie The inn of temporary happiness
121 La Luz La Luz
122 Low Hey what
123 Mason Hill Against the wall
124 Touch Tomorow never comes
125 Plush Plush
126 Recall Madame X Unconsious ID
127 Azmari Samai'i
128 Rise Against Nowhere generation
129 Redstacks Revival of the fittest
130 Azure Of brine and angel's beaks
131 Crazy Lixx Street Lethal 
132 Black Ink River Through the unknown
133 Burnside, Cedric I be trying
134 Frostlake The weight of clouds
135 Infinitome Voyage home
136 Lee and the Hoodoo Skulls, J. Beggars soul
137 Marriner, Steve Hope dies last
138 Northern Belle, The The women in me
139 Psychedelic Porn Crumpets Shyga! The sunlight mound
140 Belle Morte Crime of passion
141 Black Valentine New reality
142 Creye 2
143 Roxville Fallen from grace
144 Strange Advance 4
145 Sun Or The Moon, The Cosmic
146 Thomas, Allan The journey
147 Torres Thistier
148 Trucker Diablo The tail end of a hurricane
149 Wallflowers, The Exit wounds
150 Ginder Group, Ben Ben Ginder Group
151 Georgia Van Etten Deep Black Water
152 Utopia Press Utopia Press
153 W.E.T. Retransmission
154 Bignasca, Andrea Keep me from drowning
155 Cyberiam, The Connected
156 Evanescence The Bitter Truth
157 Frost Day And Age
158 The Stranglers Dark Matters
159 Buaas, Anders Tarot
160 Holy Mother Face this burn
161 Karmamoi Room 101
162 Kilbey Kennedy Jupiter 13
163 Trope Eleutheromania
164 Trower, Maxi Priest, Livingstone Brown, Robin United state of mind
165 Zappacosta, Alfie Saved
166 Bintangs 60 jaar
167 Coates' Bombers, Ty Man down
168 Sloper Pulverise
169 Mad Symphony Mad Symphony
170 Morpheus Project/Mustafa Khetty Mozaick
171 Argi Dare to dream
172 Axewitch Out of the ashes and into the fire
173 Backer, Matt Backernalia
174 Lindsey Buckingham Lindsey Buckingham
175 Cha Wa My people
176 Hellrock This is Metal
177 Confusion Field Disconnection complete
178 Santana Blessings and Miracles
179 Dal: Um Similar & different
180 Ron Coolen Rise
181 Marissa Nadler The Path of the Clouds
182 Low, Paul Alexander Sunshine after the rain
183 Cody Johnson Human the Double Album
184 Everdawn Cleopatra
185 Mano Band, Ellis Ambedo
186 Myles Kennedy The Ides Of March
187 Five Points Gang Wanted
188 Inner Axis Midnight hunter
189 Show-Ya Showdown
190 Buckcherry Hellbound
191 Fox, James All the fours
192 Furey, Davie Haunted streets
193 Human Fortress Epic tales & Untold stories
194 King Mountain Kingdom of shadows
195 The Bronx Bronx VI
196 Korgis, The Kartoon world
197 LukHash We Are Stardust
198 Amyl & The Sniffers Comfort to Me
199 Waveshaper Mainframe
200 Kuunatic Gate of Kluna
201 Lehmann, Amanda Innocence and illusion
202 Lord Friday The 13th Irrational anthem
203 Jordsjo Pastoralia
204 Maybeshewill No feeling is final
205 The Dead Daisies Holy ground
206 McBannon, Jack True stories
207 Moskaluke, Jess Demos
208 Blood Red Saints Undisputed 
209 The G Wanderers
210 Morgan Wade Reckless
211 Nolan, Clive Song of the wild lands
212 Original Soundtrack Halloween kills
213 Plenty Enough
214 Savino, Fabrizio The rising sun
215 Single Celled Organism Percipio organism
216 Subterranean Masquerade Mountain fever
217 Sylvan One to zero
218 T Belly I never want to see me again
219 Three Colours Dark Love's lost property
220 Eclipse Wired
221 DeYoung, Dennis 26 East Volume 2
222 Thyer, Jamie Excelsior
223 Venable, Ally Heart of fire
224 Venson, Jackie Vintage machine
225 Volt, Ghalia One woman band
226 Orden organ Final days
227 Browne, Jackson Until justice is real
228 Citizen Life in your Glass World
229 Shame Drunk tank pink
230 3ZKS! Del ayer a hoy
231 Das Rad Laik Tors
232 Spiers & Boden Fallow ground
233 Ra Intercorrupted
234 Bailey, Elles Shining in the half light
235 Chubby, Popa Tinfoil hat
236 Dinosaur Jr. Sweep it into space
237 Turnstile Glow on
238 Eric Church Heart & Soul
239 Lainey Wilson Sayin' What I'm Thinkin'
240 Lee Abraham Only Human
241 Flying Caravan, The I just wanna break even
242 Malin, Jesse Sad and beautiful world
243 McMurtry, James The horses and the hounds
244 Allison Russell Outside Child
245 My Glass World Still life with machine gun
246 Split Heaven Electric spell
247 Stalyns, The I want what I want
248 Stereo Naked Unseen course
249 John Mayer Sob rock
250 Black Country, New Road For the first time