UPDATED August 25, 2021


Out of Detroit, Michigan, USA comes the sensational new project/band PAGE 99. They are formed around JOHN H. NIXON, who wrote 8 out of the 11 include songs, but he also played almost all the instruments (drums, bass, percussion, piano, synths, horn arrangements, background and lead vocals) as well as producing, arranging, mixing and mastering this first PAGE 99 record. John is therefore actually the brain behind PAGE 99, which he started working on in 2019, and after 2 years the result is this superb debut album. Named after the 70s Westcoast/AOR band PAGES and the classic 99 song by TOTO, this CD is a dream come true for anyone into classic westcoast from 40 years ago. Besides John, other involved musicians are lead singer RUSS FITZPATRICK, guitarists CHIP KIPPS, COLTON WEATHERSTON, DUANE HARLICK (also lead vocals), and ANDREA DI PUCCIO, sax player MIKE NIXON, and bassist BILL SALISBURY. The mix of various (fantastic laid-back) lead singers and by using also other musicians gives the whole feeling of an actual band and it is also clearly done in the way it happened on countless records back in the late 70s/early 80s with the use of multiple singers and musicians on an album. 11 songs are included in total, and opener midtempo Fantasy World is right from the start making things very clear that we are dealing here with superb high class sensational late 1970s/early 1980s US Westcoast/Yacht/AOR with memories of all the countless acts from that period in music history. It’s smooth, rocking where it needs to rock (the guitarsolos), jazzy and groovy like in the 1970s and richly filled with crystal clear lead- and harmonyvocal driven catchy hooks and a killer chorus on top of it all, coming across like a perfect mix between TOTO, AIRPLAY, BILL LABOUNTY, JAY GRAYDON, PAGES, GREG GUIDRY and a bit of EARTH, WIND & FIRE. Following Harmony taps out of a more uptempo light AOR/Westcoast rock style, reminding of classic DAKOTA, but also very close to YOUNG GUN SILVER FOX. Back to the ultra-smooth 70s AOR-Fusion Yacht with the groovy Sunrise On The Water, which would make HALL & OATES and YOUNG GUN SILVER FOX very jealous! Then we get to the cover of the Westcoast classic Nothing You Can Do About It, which is of course the original AIRPLAY tune and PAGE 99 does a truly authentic cover version here. Finally Been Forgettin’ is the classic groovy Westcoast tune that immediately gives you that summer feeling of the nostalgic past when the world was a much friendlier place than it is now (as it seems). In fact, the whole CD has that vibe, sounding smooth and ultra-relaxed in the classic Westcoast/Yacht Rock tradition, so it’s basically picture perfect for the summer sun beach moments. Show Me is the first ballad ish song, sounding quite poppy, but definitely damn close to the classic Lukather sung TOTO ballads from the 1980s. The tempo is back up with the groovy summer midtempo CHICAGOish September, which is not the EARTH, WIND & FIRE song by the way. Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong? is another sensational midtempo groovy Westcoast classic, which is not that strange, because it’s a cover of the KENNY LOGGINS (This Is It/Heart To Heart) classic! Kenny is another name along with MICHAEL MCDONALD (I Keep Forgettin’/What A Fool Believes) and of course STEELY DAN/DONALD FAGAN that all come to mind while listening to this wonderful lightweight Yach-Rock/Westcoast album. Must be The Weather follows and is a great uptempo Poprocker with Westcoast harmonies, reminding me of CRISTOPHER CROSS a bit, and also featuring cheerful keys in classic early 80s style (a la JAY GRUSKA). While The Music’s On is another uptempo piece, sounding crystal clear once again, with a catchy YOUNG GUN SILVER FOX ish chorus and the TOTO cover Lea closes the album very nicely. Without a doubt, we have something special here, a true westcoast/yacht-lite AOR album in the best late 70s/early 80s style, so basically a must-have for anyone into the aforementioned acts. More info at:

(Points: 8.9 out of 10)



Here we have a very cheerful sounding album from KANDY GUIRA, who comes out of Burkina Faso and melts the traditional sound of her country with modern electro pop melodies. 12 songs can be found on her official full-length debut album. She already released material in the past, such as the EP Tek-La-Runda in 2019, but she now officially releasing a full album titled Nagtaba, which means Together. The songs are happy and have that typical African rhythm and tribal gang vocals driven melodies, while as aforementioned here and there we can hear modern electro pop influences such as can be heard right from the start during the catchy Wasindi, Vie Chere and the synthpop driven Karango. On the other hand there is also enough traditional African music upfront, like during Pagabirawa, Anna Yeele and Pagbatem, so it has the best of both worlds! This is a very happy album that should get you through this rainy summer we are currently facing, although the actual release will be done in October 2021, so this is a real Indian Summer release and let’s keep our fingers crossed we will get that by the time this album will be released! Meanwhile, check out this talented singer at:


(Points: 8.2 out of 10)




Mixed and mastered at the famous Sky Studio in Munch, Germany by BOBBY ALTVATER (BONFIRE, JADED HEART, SHAMELESS, WASP), the sound quality of the first album of the German band SLICK ROCK CIRCUS is very impressive. The music of this 3-piece band (guitarist ALEX DETROIT, vocalist STACEE LUV and bassist PAT DETROIT, with as guest drummer RUUD BARLEY) is obviously 80s influenced, mixing Glamrock, Sleazy Hardrock and Teutonic German Metal, kinda close to legendary German bands such as CHARON, VICE, HIGH TENSION and VAMP, if anyone can remember them! Anyway, 5 songs are on this lovely debut album and it really feels like we’re back in 1985 when listening to the catchy W.T.C. The band also has a touch of melodic hardrock (BONFIREish) here and there, such as can be heard during Welcome To The Circus. One of the highlights is the catchy midtempo 80s party rock anthem Chattanooga Rocket! Not a single weak moment can be found and I am safe to say that if you like your rock to sound 80s and in typical German style, somewhere between BONFIRE/CACUMEN, VICE, VAMP, VICTORY and CHARON, then check out this SLICK ROCK CIRCUS a.s.a.p.! More info at:


(Points: 8.3 out of 10)




NOT MOVING was a band from Italy and they recorded material back in the mid-late 1980s, which now has been released by GO DOWN RECORDS. The songs were recorded live in Italy and Germany and reflect a cool post-punk/garage rock sound which nowadays is quite popular again, but back in the 80s deeply firmed in the underground. Imagine a mix between DEAD KENNEDYS and THE MURDER CAPITAL on a song like Suicide Temple, but any of the 13 included songs are a joy for fans of outrageous fast and furious uptempo dirty mean garage rock/post-punk, with as interesting side-fact that the band featured a keyboardplayer in their line-up! Check out more info at:


(Points: 7.8 out of 10)




HELLAMOR and RED STONE CHAPEL are 2 bands who shared the stage multiple times, so releasing a split record seems like a good idea. The result is this CD, with in total 4 songs of each band. Musically HELLAMOR is into the dirty mean doom/sludge metal/fuzz direction and they are doing this quite well, while RED STONE CHAPEL is slightly more aggressive like MASTEDON. They have a combination of almost THE DOORSish somewhat depressing low octave speaking vocals and aggressive metal screaming and shouting. Metalfans will definitely like both bands, because they both deliver quality material here. More info at: and


(Points: 7.8 out of 10)




Out of Italy comes THE HORNETS, a band formed in 2017 and they are now making their debut with Heavier Than A Stone. 9 songs are included and musically speaking it is entering the 70s classic rock genre, with influences of THIN LIZZY here and there. The 9 songs are not too complicated and are mostly straight-ahead uptempo, with as highlights get Out, Rockstar’s Syndrome and the groovy Not So Easy. The band’s line up consists of 2 brothers (STEFANO FRANCIA on guitar and vocals and ALBERTO FRANCIA on bass and vocals), guitarist GIOVANNI ARTIOLI and drummer ANDREA ROVITUSO). Nice record and interesting to check out if you like no-nonsense classic rock the 70s way! More info at:


(Points: 7.7 out of 10)




Only 3 songs are on the new album of ANADA MIDA, which were recorded live in the studio and at a festival, both in Italy. The music of the band is 70s inspired psychedelic rock with classic rock and a lot of prog influences. The focus is on instrumental groovy 70s orientated rock/fusion passages (especially during jam With Mario), although during the song The Pilot, there is a guest singer joining them, CONNY OCHS. Without a doubt, this is a great band to check out, especially if you’re into bands like BLUE OYSTER CULT and 70s instrumental groovy rock as well. More info at:


(Points: 8.0 out of 10)




In the late 1980s ex-PARTY BOYS lead singer/guitarist TY COATES formed a new band with members of THE ANGELS and STATUS QUO, and they were called THE BOMBERS, but despite an album in 1990 (Aim High) and some success across Australia, the band split up after only being together for a few years (1988-1990). However, now 30 years later Ty reformed the band with the widow of the late original BOMBERS guitarist STEVE CROFTS, CHRISTINA CROFTS on guitar, as well as bassist MICK CARTER (ex-SWANEE) and drummer RYAN MATHISON. Together these 4 talented musicians recorded a great classic hardrocking album titled Man Down under the bandname TY COATES’ BOMBERS that contains 10 great tunes. There is also quite some diversity going on, with slow and faster songs, starting off with opener The Phoenix, which is a very catchy uptempo rocker with a strong melodic chorus to sing-a-long to, a bit reminding me of KROKUS and CHOIRBOYS. Other highlights on this rocking album are the rough uptempo classic Hardrock piece Any Other Way (a la ICON), the superb very melodic AORish semi ballad No Danger (pure 80s inspired), Get Up And Get It On and the lovely Southern Rocking From A Distance. Ty has a fantastic voice and the material is really good, so I would definitely recommend this old school sounding classic hardrockalbum (with also a few bluesy rocktunes here and there) to anyone who misses the 1980s as much as I do! More info at:


(Points: 8.6 out of 10)




It took some time before the new album of the Northern Ireland based band TRUCKER DIABLO was released, which was of course due to the corona pandemic, but now The Tail End Of A Hurricane is available through the French label BAD REPUTATION RECORDS. It’s the 5th album so far of this excellent band and without a doubt, it’s a super strong album from start to finish and musically speaking it’s not far removed from other melodic hardrockbands out of Northern Ireland, such as STORMZONE, MAVERICK, etc. although GOTTHARD, BONFIRE and SARGANT FURY also come to mind while listening to The Tail End Of A Hurricane. The band consists of Tom Harte (vocals/lead guitar), Simon Haddock (rhythm guitar), Jim McGurk (bass) and Terry Crawford (Drums). The focus is mostly on catchy uptempo melodic rock, with as highlights Big Truck Keeps On Rolling, Rock Kids Of The 80s (a tribute to the classic 80s, with a DANGER DANGER tongue in cheek touch and a THIN LIZZY/DEF LEPPARD guitar riff as well as mention of Jessie’s Girl!), Don’t Hold On To Hate (reminding me a bit of SARGANT FURY’s debut album), the catchy Set The Night On Fire, the rocking but very melodic Tail End Of A Hurricane and the AORish songs The Edge Of Tonight and This Burning Heart (both featuring lovely choruses!). Almost every song is featuring a deadly catchy chorus, so I could mention them all, but I definitely also want to include the superb Woodstock To Vietnam here as well. The only song that is different from the rest is the ultra-fast Insects that is actually a melodic punk/hardcore song a la IGNITE, but apart from that ‘still melodic chorus’ punky driven tune, fans of aforementioned bands (especially SARGANT FURY!) will absolutely love this high class catchy pure melodic hardrockalbum! More info at: and  

(Points: 8.6 out of 10) 



Out of Yorkshire, UK comes singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist BOO SUTCLIFFE, who delivers a great diverse album titled Blink. It’s his debut record, which was mixed by STEVE WHITFIELD (THE CURE, JANE WEAVER…) and features besides Boo on vocals, acoustic guitar and several other instruments, other musicians such as bassist PAUL HECKINGBOTTOM, guitarist ROGER KINDER, drummer ANDY MCCARTHY and a few more. Boo has a good strong voice, his songs are melodic and pop orientated, which can be heard right from the start on the opening balladry of Meet me In…The music is a mix of folk, Americana indie and pop, and definitely suitable for radio airplay, because the songs are super melodic and quite catchy, such as the lovely uptempo Americana pop/rocker Running Man, which is a duet with RUTH BOSTOCK. JOHNNY CASH, RYAN ADAMS and BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN influences can also be heard here and there, although vocally Boo really has this ‘pop’ kinda tone in his voice (a la ROBBIE WILLIAMS), which is not bad at all, but somehow this makes his music very suitable for radio airplay. A song like Promises even reminds me a lot of DANNY VERA, so I think by now you will understand what this more or less sounds like. Blink is a great recommended debut album to check out at:


(Points: 8.2 out of 10)




The 1980s were at the time a very fun period with lots of laughter, party, feel-good music and loads of bright colors all over the place, no matter if it was at school, at work, at a party or in a music video. This was probably an answer to the late 1970s when Punk basically made people angry and likewise what followed were the depressing and dark 1990s. Back to the 80s, like it or not, it was a period in time of the music history where something happened on the visual side, although the music itself was only in the early 80s innovative, because after MTV was introduced around 1981, the majority of the major labels were constantly looking for the big trend that was aired over there, so eventually the result was that towards the end of the 1980s everyone started to sound the same. If we forget about the fact that the music in the 1980s became repetitive during the decade, there was still enough to enjoy and just have a good time, which is also what this book is all about. Nothin’ But A Good Time is a really cool and interesting book to read. It is of course named after the famous POISON song and is a 520+ pages counting book filled with hundreds of stories and quotes taken from interviews that were done by the authors TOM BEAUJOUR and RICHARD BIENSTOCK. They had the privilege to work for REVOLVER, NEW YORK TIMES, ROLLING STONE, BILLBOARD, SPIN and such through the years, so they could interview each and every one who was part of the 1980s Hair Metal/Glam/Hardrock scene which this book is all about. The result are so many interesting facts and details about the scene in the 1980s, you will still be amazed how different the world was 30-35 years ago. How about LITA FORD, OZZY and members of MOTLEY CRUE, SKID ROW, GUNS’N’ROSES, WARRANT, WINGER, TWISTED SISTER, CINDERELLA, QUIET RIOT, RATT, BON JOVI, MOTLEY CRUE, POISON and many others! This book is the real deal if you want to learn what the 80s Hair Metal in the USA was all about! In contrast to the regular books which are a summary of facts, a story or a discography/biography, this book is different in it’s approach. It builds up chronically, because it starts with the early 80s MOTLEY CRUE and ends with NELSON in the early 90s before NIRVANA killed the 80s look and sound, but the chapters are a collection of inside details by countless musicians whom were all part of that 80s scene, so you can’t get any closer than that. Every time you open the book on a certain page, you will discover a new funny or amazing quote. I can honestly say that this is a book you carry with you for over a longer period, just so you can read a few quotes and think by yourself that the 80s must have been the best time of your life if you wanted to just have a good time… The book is available through:


(Points: 8.5 out of 10)




And here we have another collection of rare typical 1950s/1960s sweet American popmusic, this time from singer ED BRUCE, who is best known in especially the USA as an actor in Western shows and films during the 1980s/1990s, but between 1956 and 1965 he recorded quite some material for SUN and WAND RECORDS. 30 songs are included here and none of them were previously released on CD. The musicstyle was a mix of sweet popsongs and some rockier uptempo 50s rock and roll, not far removed from ELVIS, BOBBY VEE, NEIL SEDAKA, GENE PITNEY, BOBBY RYDELL, etc. etc. This is definitely another great collection of songs that have been lost throughout the years, but are now getting an official high quality release on BEAR FAMILY RECORDS. Highlights are a ballad like The Greatest man and an uptempo piece like the fantastic titletrack See The Big Man Cry, which both could have been absolute classics, but are probably unknown for most of us. The final song is a song by another teen 50s/60s pop idol called TOMMY ROE, but the other 29 songs are all ED BRUCE classics you really need to hear when you’re into any of the aforementioned artists! The CD is available through:


(Points: 8.2 out of 10)




In the Rocks series of BEAR FAMILY RECORDS we have another wonderful release filled with classic 50s/60s rock and roll/Rockabilly. It concerns here a collection of recordings done by SONNY BURGESS. He started his career in the 1950s and continued to make music until as recently as 2004, of which several songs are included here besides songs taken from recordings of the previous decades, going back all the way to the year 1956! Musically he never changed during all those years, because from start to finish this is rock and roll in its original sound. BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS meets ELVIS PRESLEY would be a way to describe the music on this CD, although if you like for example DANNY VERA you will also love SONNY BURGESS and then understand where Danny gets his inspiration from. Songs like Big Black Cadillac, the superb Red Headed Woman, My Heart Is Achin’ For You, Daddy Blues, Rock On Mars and many more are all classic 50s rock and roll like you hardly hear nowadays and that’s a pity, because this was fun music with no complicated lyrics and structures, just basic simple straight-ahead upbeat rocking songs and therefore highly recommended to check out this forgotten musician, who sadly died a few years ago at the tender age of 86 years old. The CD is available through:


(Points: 8.4 out of 10)



The Light Of The Moon is the 2nd album of the Glasgow, Scotland based band GNOSS. Formed around Aidan Moodie - Acoustic Guitar & Vocals, Connor Sinclair - Whistles, Flute & Backing Vocals, Craig Baxter - Bodhran & Percussion and Graham Rorie, Fiddle, Mandolin, Electric Tenor Guitar, GNOSS delivers 12 fun cheerful songs that are a mix of celtic, folk and light poprock, sometimes instrumental, but also featuring strong vocal melodies here and there. All together they remind me a lot of the Irish band KEY WEST, which I discovered by accident when walking the streets of Liverpool a few years ago and saw them perform live downtown. GNOSS are such a band as well, bringing a smile to your face and perfectly suitable to cheer up people during this on-going pandemic. Its lovely relaxing melodic uptempo folk pop/rock with a focus on strong melodies, with as highlights The River, the instrumental Good Crieff (with clear Celtic influences), Cold Clay, and the instrumental Adelaide’s. Every now and then there’s a calmer emotional moment, such as during Becky’s, but most of the time this is really great melodic uptempo celtic/folk pop! As I have Scottish roots myself, I would love to see these guys live one day! Fingers crossed this will all be possible in the near future again and meanwhile, for more info on GNOSS please go to: and  

(Points: 8.2 out of 10)




Out of Derby, UK comes singer/songwriter/musician PHIL MATTHEWS who is also known as his alter ego THE VILLAGE, so therefore he released his latest album under this moniker. He has performed all over the Midlands and delivers here a great mixture of raw sounding melodic singer/songwriter album that has the feeling of BOB DYLAN and NEIL YOUNG, yet with an own identity, as well as typical British classic somewhat quirky pop/rock (in a way like THE KINKS also did sometimes). However, there’s even more to discover, such as the bluesy Lone Horseman Came Calling for example. 10 songs are included in total on Ghosts In The Static, with as highlights What Can I Say, THE KINKSish Tommorow Loves You More Than Yesterday, and the uptempo poppy The Wizard. Check out this talented diverse musician for yourself at: and


(Points: 7.5 out of 10)




FRUITS DE MER RECORDS is a very interesting label that focuses on psychedelic, prog, kraut, acid-folk, spacerock and such mainly underground music that is mostly based around long instrumental songs, which is also the case with SENDELICA, a band that has been part of the label’s roster for over 10 years, with album and single releases. Their new album And Man Created God is a great 4 songs counting record that musically goes back to the 1970s instrumental krautrock/progrock sound, yet it doesn’t sound dated at all. There is enough variety going on here, revealing influences from other genres as well, such as synthwave and jazz, although mainly this band will be labelled as innovative instrumental progrock with their focus on calmer long melodic passages. It’s a great experience to discover the music of SENDELICA and you can check them out at:


(Points: 8.3 out of 10)




The amount of books in the Every Album, Every Song and Decades series of SONIC BOND PUBLISHING is unstoppable, which is probably partly due to the on-going pandemic worldwide. Authors everywhere around the globe start writing about their favorite bands, really digging into all the recordings some of the greatest bands delivered to us the past 5 decades. The latest 2 books in these series are the legendary Progacts CARAVAN and CURVED AIR. Both were influential in their genre and they were both very popular during the 1970s. CARAVAN was one of the main bands in the so-called Canterbury sound, which involved bands melting jazz and progrock in the Canterbury area. These bands focused on mainly instrumental innovative complex but melodic passages and along with SOFT MACHINE, CARAVAN built a bridge between the genres jazz, prog and rock during the 1970s. A lot of 70s major label signed bands continued making music, both performing and recording, but most people will always remember their 1970s material. This new book by ANDY BOOT discusses each and every song they ever recorded, so definitely interesting to dig into while listening to this band that is after 50 years still going strong with their original singer PYE HASTINGS. The other book is about CURVED AIR, another 70s act that was very popular back then, melting prog with folk and fusion, and author LAURA SHENTON has written a book that tells the story of this band in their popular decade of the 1970s. Although they continued after the 1970s, CURVED AIR had all its fame and fortune during that decade, so definitely the most interesting decade to read about and that’s possible in this well-written 128 pages counting book. Both books are available through:


(Points: 8.0 out of 10)




DURAND JONES & THE INDICATIONS might be one of the finest retro soul/disco acts from the past 20 years and their 3rd album Private Space is without a doubt another sensational release that should easily reach even more people than their previous 2 albums. The Indiana, USA based band is formed around Durand Jones (vocals), Aaron Frazer (vocals, drums, percussion, synthesizer), Blake Rhein (guitars, synthesizer, percussion), Steve Okonski (piano, fender Rhodes, hammond organ, synthesizer, vocals) and Mike Montgomery (bass, vocals) and when listening to their music there is no way you would think this has been recorded recently, because it sounds so authentic. Opener Love Will Work It Out is a slow starter that has the classic retro soul vibe of the 1960s/1970s thanks to the superb vocals of Durand, while following Witchoo (and later on The Way That I Do) is pure 1970s funky disco soul as if we’re back 45 years in time when KOOL & THE GANG and EARTH, WIND & FIRE were on top of the charts. 10 songs are included in total and from start to finish this is high quality music that captures the perfect vibe to celebrate a 70s disco-soul-funk party, but also with a certain calmer emotional retro soul kinda vibe like BILL WITHERS, AL GREEN and even SAM COOKE during a superb song like More Than Ever. I can’t wait to catch these guys live on a North Sea Jazz stage (like in 2018), because that’s where they belong! Check them out at:


(Points: 8.8 out of 10)




Thirstier is the new album of TORRES, a band formed American singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist MACKENZIE SCOTT, who recorded 10 songs during the lockdown and she now released them as her 5th album on MERGE RECORDS. The included music is very strong and quite catchy 90s melodic alternative rock with memories of GARBAGE sometimes, yet TORRES has an own identity for sure, which is thanks to her superb unique voice. I have to admit that songs like Don’t Go Puttin Wishes In My Head, Constant Tomorrowland, Drive Me, Hug From A Dinosaur and the superb hand In The Air are very impressive and radio-ready memorable rocksongs that even recall CRANBERRIES and NO DOUBT besides the GARBAGE comparison, although during the hi-tech electronic synth pop sounding Kiss The Corners even 80s KATE BUSH comes around the corner! Check out this interesting highly recommended new TORRES album at:


(Points: 8.7 out of 10)




American singer/songwriter ELLA WILLIAMS is the musician behind SQUIRREL FLOWER and Planet (I) is the 3rd full-length record. 12 songs are included and the album starts quite calm with I’ll Go Running, but it gets rockier during the following Hurt A Fly, a lovely midtempo alternative 90s inspired rocksong. The album is quite diverse, mixing calmer singer/songwriter orientated material with rockier alternative songs. Ella’s vocals are very strong and especially during the calmer material, she sounds really beautiful. A song like Deluge In The South for example is a wonderful melodic singer/songwriter piece, but what makes the album such an interesting adventure is that the aforementioned calmer song is followed by a slow almost doom/90s altrock orientated piece titled Big Beast (even a bit like THE CRANBERRIES). Thankfully the focus is always strong melodies, which is thanks to Ella’s impressive vocalwork. Planet (I) is therefore a recommended and diverse album that rocks at the right moment and calms things down when there’s need to do that. Check out SQUIRREL FLOWER at:


(Points: 8.2 out of 10)




Out of Melbourne, Australia comes TROPICAL FUCK STORM, an alternative 4-piece rockband with a noisy dirty mean complex alternative rocksound that sounds quite distorted in a way we heard it in the past by bands like SONIC YOUTH, SMASKING PUMPKINS, PIXIES and such, yet perhaps even more noisy when listening to a song like The Dunkey on their 3rd album Deep States. The band’s line up consists of Erica Dunn (vocals, guitar), Fiona Kitschin (bass), Gareth Liddiard (vocals, guitars), Lauren Hammel (drums), so we have shared female and male vocals, and personally I prefer the slightly more clean and melodic vocals of Erica, because this makes a song like Suburbiopia or New Romeo Agent sound quite strong and memorable. Gareth is not too convincing on some of the songs and he seems to be very angry at the world when listening to most of his songs (except the excellent TALKING HEADS meets IGGY POPish Legal Ghost and the calmer closing track The Confinement Of The Quarks). On the other hand, fans of pure classic 90s alt rock with noisy complexity and strange different arrangements, they should definitely check out this band, because they obviously are the alternative to the alternative with their unique sound. More info at:


(Points: 8.1 out of 10)




Fronted by singer/songwriter JASON LEE BARRATT, J LEE AND THE HOODOO SKULLS from Surrey/UK deliver a sensational 2nd album in the shape of Beggars Soul. The lineup of the band further consists of Harun Kotch (Lead Guitarist and co-writer/producer), Wayne Riches (Drums – formerly with Skin of SKUNK AKANSIE) and Mike Hartnett (Bass), and together they recorded 10 excellent rocking tracks that melt the best of 50s/60s/70s rock’n’roll/classic rock and retro vintage blues rock elements, yet they give it a modern touch as well. Opener Baby Blue is an awesome uptempo retro bluesy classic rocker with a sound that fits somewhere between THE BLACK KEYS, PHILIP SAYCE and the guitar riff of THIN LIZZY’s Chinatown. Everything sounds perfect here to make it a winner for the fans of real 70s classic rock and gladly it continues this way until the end of the album with many more highlights, such as Beggar’s Soul, Come Home, the soulful 60s influenced Need You So Bad and the T-REXish Got Over You. There is a lot of diversity going on here and it’s all done at an incredible high level, so this could easily become huge if they’re lucky enough to get the attention from the mass media and radio. More info can be found at:


(Points: 8.8 out of 10)




BELLE MORTE comes out of Minsk, Belarus and they were founded in 2015. The band is formed around lead vocalist/songwriter ANASTASIA SCHEBROVA (aka BELLE MORTE), who is a graduated soprano, while the rest of the band consists of Sergey Butovsky (bass guitar), Maria Shumanskaya (keyboards), Ilya Rogovoy (guitars), Ilya Petrashkevich (guitars) and Rostislav Golubnichiy (drums). The band’s music is clearly in the bombastic melodic modern female fronted Gothic Metal style of NIGHTWISH, AFTER FOREVER, a heavier WITHIN TEMPTATION and EPICA, with a focus on both vocal melodies and orchestral sounding passages, Opera Metal with superb vocals of Anastasia, who clearly lifts the material to higher places. BELLE MORTE does have some amazing catchy radio-ready tunes like WITHIN TEMPTATION, yet with a touch of AFTER FOREVER’s most melodic material, especially during lovely songs like If Only You Knew, To Get Her and Beauty and the Beast (even a bit KAMELOTish!). The songs are well-constructed and also feature classical music parts, such as a cello solo, a piano-led part, but also beautiful melodic guitarsolo’s. Of course people might find it sound a bit too bombastic here and there, and the NIGHTWISH/WITHIN TEMPTATION similarities are obvious, but BELLE MORTE does it extremely well, providing a bunch of fantastic catchy tunes that belong to the finest this genre has brought us the past few years! The epic ballad Beauty Meant to Kill also needs to be mentioned here, because it is such a beautiful song that in the hands of WITHIN TEMPTATION would have been a huge hit! Let’s hope BELLE MORTE will get attention, because they absolutely deserve it! Well done for sure and a must-have if you’re a fan of any of the aforementioned bands! More info at:


(Points: 8.6 out of 10)




Already back in the 1960s guitarist BARRY GOUDREAU was in bands that would feature later BOSTON members and despite he was part of the BOSTON team for a few years during their most successful 1970s period, it seemed like main guitarist/writer TOM SCHOLZ did not want such a talented musician in his band. Eventually Barry went solo and he also did some side projects, which were quite successful in the AOR market, such as RTZ and ORION. The last few years he has a new successful project going on, which is BARRY GOUDREAU’S ENGINE ROOM, with whom he released a great debut record titled Full Steam Ahead back in 2017, and now there is the sensational follow-up The Road. Besides Barry on guitar, the other involved members are drummer Tony DePietro, bassist Tim Archibald, lead singer/keyboardplayer Brian Maes and lead/backing singers MaryBeth Maes, Terri O’Soro and Joanie Cicatelli. Opener Love Will lead The Way is a strong fresh sounding midtempo melodic rocker with the BOSTON signature of course, yet Barry is definitely more straight-ahead with heavy blues rock influences and somehow does even remind me of very early (and Too Hot To Sleep era) SURVIVOR during the guitarwork. Las Vegas is a cool uptempo heavy rocker with a touch of ZZ TOP, including superb vocalwork of lead singer BRIAN MAES and great Hammond and Guitarwork overall, in the end sounding like a true Classic Rock gem! Word To The Wise follows and is a superb slowtempo heavy blues classic rocksong that is not too far removed from modern day guitar slingers like JOE BONAMASSA, PHILIP SAYCE and KENNY WAYNE SHEPHARD, yet also with a touch of Southern Rock a la LYNYRD SKYNYRD and even AXE and BLACKFOOT. It’s amazing that Barry does not get the recognition he absolutely deserves, because his guitarplaying is stunning and he writes all these amazing new original songs that his former bandmate Tom Scholz hasn’t done in ages. There’s not a single weak moment to be found on the new album, with as other highlights the soulful AOR ballads Come A Time and Shade (FREEish), the bluesy The Rhythm Won’t Stop, the amazing 1970s HEART ish Edge Of The Knife (superb female vocals during this song!), the heavy LED ZEPPELIN (and again 70s HEART) orientated heavy rocker The Camel’s Back (also on this song superb female vocals) and the midtempo bluesy melodic rocker What they Say. Definitely a must-have and very diverse sensational classic rock album to check out a.s.a.p. at:


(Points: 8.8 out of 10)




The Swiss band ELLIS MANO BAND is formed around vocalist CHRIS ELLIS and guitarist EDIS MANO, who are the main members, while the rest of the lineup consists of bassist SEVERIN GRAF and drummer NICO LOOSER. 10 songs are included on their 2nd album Ambedo. Opener The Horrible Truth is a fantastic uptempo bluesy melodic classic rocker, with exceptionally superb vocals of Chris and some great guitar riffs by Edis. Following Sweet Sin is a lovely calmer groovy midtempo pop/rock piece with a relaxing summer ish vibe and Ambedo Mind is even more going into a smooth westcoast jazz/bluesy direction like ROBERT CRAY BAND meets JOHN MAYER. There’s a bit of LENNY KRAVITZ to be heard in the music of ELLIS MANO BAND as well, sometimes rocking harder, while most of the time taking the time to go into a very melodic soulful groovy (westcoast-tish) pop/rock direction. I think by now you will understand that this band is something special and doing things at a very high level. Other highlights on this wonderful new ELLIS MANO BAND album are the amazing soulful melodic rockballad The Fight For Peace (with a big award to the perfect vocalwork of Chris once again!), the superb Heartland ish uptempo melodic rocker Johnny & Susie (SPRINGSTEEN influences, but rockier) and the uptempo shuffle radio-ready Americana meets Westcoast pop/rocker Keep It Simple (JOHNNY CASH meets DANNY VERA). There’s also a great guest performance by the well-known LACHY DOLEY (GLENN HUGHES, JIMMY BARNES, JOE BONAMASSA), who performs Hammond Organ during the excellent groovy rocker The Question, which sounds like JIMMY BARNES meets THE BLACK CROWES). This is definitely a band to check out a.s.a.p. if you like KRAVITZ, MAYER, CRAY, BLACK PUMAS, BARNES, DE WOLFF, etc. etc. The album has already reached the number 2 position in the Swiss Album Charts, so make sure to check out this sensational band a.s.a.p. at:


(Points: 8.7 out of 10)




I Just Wanna Break Even is the debut album of the Alicante, Spain based band THE FLYING CARAVAN. They are formed around Izaga Plata, on lead and backing vocals; Pedro Pablo Molina, on bass; Antonio Valiente, on lead guitars; Juan José Sánchez, on keyboards; Lluís Mas,on drums and percussion; Manuel Salido, on sax; Juan Carlos Aracil, on flute; and Jorge Aniorte, on vocals and backing vocals, while on guest we can hear bassist Antonio Valiente. Together they created a wonderful long progressive/symphonic rockalbum that is split over 2 CDs that contain 7 songs in total, of which a few are more than 16 minutes long, with the 36 minutes counting A Fairy Tale For Grown-Ups as the absolute epic highlight. It all starts with the instrumental symphonic rock piece Get Real, which takes you straight back to the 1970s and is clearly KAYAK/CAMEL orientated. Next track Flying Caravan has fantastic 70s Pomp Rock synths and when the female vocals join in, the result is a lovely midtempo Symphonic Pomprocksong that does reflect similarities to RENAISSANCE and YES, yet a bit more uptempo and rocking, although when listening you would honestly think this is from 1975 and that’s a true compliment, since such authencity is not heard much nowadays! It’s extremely melodic and precise, which easily makes this synth/keyboard driven sympho/progband a must to check out if any of the aforementioned bands is up your alley. Upstream To Manonash follows in a slightly calmer symphonic direction, because this is a beautiful calmer semi-ballad with some great soaring guitarwork. Next track Love’s Labour Mislaid is a melodic chorus driven calmer symphonic rock song with once again cheerful keys. Closing CD 1 is The Bumpy Road To Knowledge, another nice calmer symphonic melodic rocksong with a great sax solo by guest MANUEL SALIDO. CD 2 opens with the aforementioned 36 minutes counting A Fairy Tale For Grown-Ups, which is a lovely epic tune where everything comes together, meaning that the best of the band is being put into this song that consists of 7 parts and it is basically the dream for every fan of 70s prog/symphorock. Closing this wonderful album is an alternative version of The Bumpy Road To Knowledge. Without a doubt, this 80 minutes counting symphonic rock album is a highly recommended release to anyone who misses the classic 70s symphorocksound of bands like CAMEL, KAYAK, RENAISSANCE, YES and such. More info on THE FLYING CARAVAN can be found at:


(Points: 8.5 out of 10)




Aveugle & Sourd is the 3rd album of the French band TRENTE and the first thing I noticed when looking at the songs was the mention of a guest, because closing bonustrack Libre Comme L’Air features none other than DANNY VAUGHN of TYKETTO! Immediately I was getting excited, because this could mean TRENTE is a Melodic/Classic Hardrockband and indeed when putting on the CD, it is clear that we are dealing here with a Classic Rock and Roll band in the 70s/80s spirit, yet with a modern approach, so it doesn’t sound dated at all. They sing in the French language, but that’s not a problem at all, since this makes it sound very authentic and besides, the band has a strong lead singer/guitarist (STEF REB). The other members in the band are THIERRY VELLY (guitar), FABRICE TROVATO (drums) and WILLIAM FOURMENTAL (bass) and together these 4 friends have been making music as TRENTE since 1999. 11 songs are included on this new album, of which the highlights are opener Malfame, the melodic AOR/Melodic Rocker Libre Comme L’Air, the uptempo catchy classic rocking titletrack Aveugle & Sourd and the midtempo melodic AOR/rockballad Autant (a la classic BEAU GESTE!). This is one of the better sounding French Rock/Hardrockbands I have heard the past few years and it definitely makes you long for the summer holidays in this lovely country! Check them out at:


(Points: 8.4 out of 10)




Sirens is the 3rd album of the Frankfurt, Germany based band GLASGOW COMA SCALE. This band was formed around PIOTR KOWALSKI (guitars, programming), MAREK KOWALSKI (bass) and LALA ADAMOWICZ (drums), and this new album was obviously recorded with a different mind due to the corona pandemic. They also recorded it in a different studio than the 2 previous albums, with the help of producer KURT EBELHAUSER (BLACKMAIL) and while listening to the 6 long songs, I am still safe to say they deliver a high quality sound that is musically speaking in the instrumental modern post-progressive rock direction in the style of LONG DISTANCE CALLING. These guys are doing their kind of music very well and I can easily recommend them to anyone who likes the popular typical modern day instrumental post-progressive rocksound, because a song like Magik is really incredible and absolutely takes you into this lovely hypnotic melancholic melodic rocking mood in a  way also PORCUPINE TREE did many years ago, yet without vocals. More info on this exciting new release can be found at:


(Points: 8.5 out of 10)




The Sydney, Australia based band SUPER FLORENCE JAM was quite active 10-15 years ago, performing live constantly in Australia and recording material, of which this 2009 same titled EP was released independently, but sadly they never managed to release something officially through a label until now. Eventually they split up and some of the members formed the label BIRD’S ROBE RECORDS, which became quite successful in the progressive rock genre. This same label has now re-released the EP officially on a silver pressed CD, so we can hear the talent of this band after all these years. The album was mastered by the famous GEORGE MARINO at Sterling Sound, New York, and contains the original 6 songs. Opener Ghetto Project Fabulous is an uptempo RUSHish progressive rocker, with a clear 1970s approach, which becomes even more prominent during the LED ZEPPELINish The Circle (which also reminds me of the overhyped GRETA VAN FLEET) and the lovely catchy uptempo 70s rockers Marcy and Ten Years (brilliant chorus!). Obviously the band was at the time following the footsteps of other Aussie rockers WOLFMOTHER who had just had their breakthrough. However, SUPER FLORENCE JAM feels more authentic and closer to the classic 70s rocksound. If you want to hear a perfect cross between 70s RUSH and LED ZEPPELIN (including high pitched vocals), then look no further than this band’s official debut CD, which hopefully will lead to a reunion and also new material being released. More info at:


(Points: 8.2 out of 10)




The Australian label BIRD’S ROBE RECORDS continues re-releasing older records that would otherwise never be known. In this case it concerns the 2013 digitally recorded the debut album Audiodacity by the Australian band THE NERVE. They did not meet each other before they recorded this album and after finishing it, they finally got together and performed live with each other. This was 8 years ago and now in 2021 it has been officially released on CD. The band has a tight and very modern sound, which can be heard right from the start during the aggressive FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH orientated 14 Again. Things get a little more traditional Hardrock during the following Witness, but the rap-metal/metalcore influences can be heard on more songs on this album, in combination with a groovy 90s Hardrock sound in a catchy melodic songs such as Be Myself and Excuse Me (reminding me of mid 90s TALISMAN somehow). It’s a mixture of heavy and modern with some more traditional melodic parts, just like a lot of American Hard/Heavy Rockbands are doing nowadays. It’s done well for sure, but hopefully they will drop the aggressive vocals on a future record, because this is not necessary to do at all, since lead vocalist EZEKIEL OX has a great clean voice. The guitarwork by GLENN PROUDFOOT is quite impressive for sure, so all together a nice band to check out at:  


(Points: 8.1 out of 10)




Free Jazz is the name of the genre that EDREDON SENSIBLE from Toulouse, France is playing since 2016. Vloute Panthere is their debut album and I have to say that the band clearly has am own style, which goes beyond borders and digs deep into improvisation, yet without losing the control and ability to come up with memorable melodies, such as can be heard during the catchy rhythmic Blirprulre and the melodic String et Bermuda. The band consists of Jean Lacarrière (saxophone tenor), Tristan Charles-Alfred (saxophone baritone), Antoine Perdriolle (drums, percussion) and Mathias Bayle (drums, percussion), and while listening to the album I feel this band will live really get you into a certain happy mood, because they clearly flirt with drum battles here and there, while during the first couple of songs it’s on the other hand quite complex and experimental. This combination makes them a very interesting band to catchy live when that’s possible again. More info on this band at:


(Points: 8.0 out of 10)




The German band THE SUN OF THE MOON are clearly influenced by the classic 70s kraut/progrocksound, because the 6 long songs on their debut album Cosmic reflect an authentic pure 70s sound that is obviously close to legendary bands such as CAN, PINK FLOYD, KRAFTWERK, TANGERINE DREAM, etc. They have however an own ‘modern’ identity, just like for example PORCUPINE TREE and I feel this album will absolutely make a huge impact within the progrock community. The songs leave a lot room open for exciting instrumental passages, but also vocally THE SUN OR THE MOON is keeping things interesting enough by adding such beautiful melodic verses like classic PINK FLOYD. Mix all these bands together and you have the sound of the album Cosmic. The band was formed in 2019 by Frank Incense (vocals, bass, baritone guitar, guitar, electric sitar, electronics, keyboards), George Nowak (guitar, theremin, flute), Susanne Baum (keyboards) and Niclas Ciriacy (drums and percussion), and without a doubt, this is a highly talented band with a bright future. Not a single weak moment can be found here and many highlights are notable, such as the fantastic epic Eldorado, which already sounds like a progrock classic! There’s also Jazz influences during the closing track Quicksand, which features a saxsolo by LEON BINDER. However, most of the time it is in the 70s krau/progstyle, with a modern approach, so if you call yourself a progfan, then you absolutely do not want to miss this superb album! More info at:


(Points: 8.8 out of 10)




Out of Detroit comes guitarist SAMMY BOLLER (ex-CITIZEN ZERO), who delivers a marvelous solo debut album titled Kingdom of The Sun on CANDYRAT RECORDS. Despite it’s an instrumental album, the melodies are all over the place, thanks to the fantastic soaring guitarwork of Sammy. No matter if it’s uptempo rocking like Kingdom of The Sun or midtempo like Sunrise/Sunset or Cloak Of Light, it’s all very melodic rock orientated, with of course an obvious 80s instrumental guitar influence (EDDIE VAN HALEN). This is definitely a sensational instrumental melodic hardrockalbum with a focus around Sammy’s phenomenal guitarwork. Assisting him are bassist STEVE LEHANE, drummer DYLAN WALSH, bassist GREG DUDLEY and drummer JOHN DUDLEY. 11 songs are included and not a single weak moment can be found here. Sammy is a truly gifted guitarist, who can sing by only playing his guitar and those kind of guitarists are the best for sure. The melodic guitarsound of Sammy fits somewhere between NEAL SCHON and DAVE MENIKETTI, and I can highly recommend it to any fan of instrumental classic melodic rock! This has got to be one of the best instrumental releases of the past few years! More info at:


(Points: 8.8 out of 10)




Eleutheromania is the debut album of the Los Angeles based band TROPE, who were formed back in 2016. The band is formed around Diana Studenberg – Vocals, Moonhead – Producer & Guitar, Joe Ciccia – Guitar, Todd Demma – Bass and Sasha Siegel – Drums, and they managed to use MIKE FRASER (AC/DC, METALLICA and countless more) as their engineer, while the legendary TED JENSEN (HALESTORM, BILLY JOEL, EAGLES and millions of other classic rockalbums from the 70s/80s and beyond) mastered the album. This combination should already be a guarantee for success and while listening to this first album of TROPE, it is clear we are dealing here indeed with a high quality band that brings us melodic progressive rock/prog metal with a definite modern American touch, kinda like KING’S X and TOOL, yet with superb female vocals and a focus on catchy choruses, such as during the fantastic Plateau that almost reminds me of EVANESCENCE. I think by now you will get the picture how this more or less sounds like. Perhaps not really original, the performance is of an incredible high level and thanks to Mike and Ted, it all sounds crystal clear and picture perfect. One of the other highlights is the TEARS FOR FEARS cover Shout, which is done exceptionally well in an own style. I am safe to say that we have here a true winner! More info can be found at: and


(Points: 8.7 out of 10)




The 1980s Liverpool, UK based band PLENTY was best known for featuring singer TIM BOWNESS, who later hooked up with multi-instrumentalist STEVEN WILSON to form the band NO-MAN. Anyway, in 2018 Tim reunited with his old bandmates of PLENTY (BRIAN HULSE on guitars, pianos, synths, drum programming, DAVID K. JONES on bass, TOM ATHERTON on drums and several others perform on this new 2-CD set) and they recorded an album back then. During the lockdown they did even more recordings and as a result another PLENTY album is now available, which consists of 2 full-length CDs that feature material recorded during the spring of 2020 and the spring of 2021, but also 7 songs that date back to the period 1986-1990, so it’s a mixture of old and new, as well as a bunch of covers (such as a SUZANNE VEGA tune!). In total 19 songs are included, so there’s enough to enjoy here for sure. Musically speaking it’s clearly 80s (calmer) new wave/pop/rock orientated with influences from countless acts that were popular back then, such as THE BLUE NILE, THE CHAMELEONS, PETE GABRIEL, KATE BUSH, TEARS FOR FEARS, DAVID BOWIE, etc. etc. The result is a great compilation CD of a band that could easily breakthrough now as this kind of retro 80s pop/new wave/light post-punk is quite popular again with acts like THE EDITORS, MAXIMO PARK, INHALER, SLOW READERS CLUB, SEA GIRLS, etc. etc. PLENTY was however less uptempo rocking as those acts, and perhaps closer to the classic 80s albums of TEARS FOR FEARS and BLUE NILE, so adding light prog and neo-romantic influences besides a somewhat melancholic darker touch. Thanks to the amazing vocals of Tim, who sounds like the singers of those 2 bands, the sound of PLENTY is close to them, but Tim is/was also clearly influenced by DAVID BOWIE and the singers of TALK TALK and TALKING HEADS, so basically there you have the whole 80s package! Highlights on this excellent 2-CD set are Sacrifice, the beautiful The Walker (TEARS FOR FEARSish), Forest Almost Burning, Towards The Shore and Bleed A Little More. Hopefully after the corona pandemic, they will be able to perform live on stage, but until then please check them out at: and


(Points: 8.6 out of 10)



The Oslo, Norway based DIM GRAY was formed over the past 10 years while the 3 members were studying in the Norwegian capital city. Eventually they formed a band and started recording music together. Their influences are basically coming from every thinkable genre (chamber pop, indie, folk, black metal, pop, prog, etc. etc.), but in general you might call their debut Flown a modern progressive rock record. DIM GRAY consists of Håkon Høiberg (electric guitars), Oskar Holldorff (synths, piano) and Tom Ian Klungland (cymbals) and without a doubt this first album is a sensational and very diverse record that will definitely have a huge impact in the prog community and beyond. It starts with a melancholic dark and calm hypnotic song (Again) that sounds a bit like a cross between SIGUR ROS, FLEET FOXES and PORCUPINE TREE, while the following song the Wave We Thought We’d Ride Forever is a superb melodic progressive rock with all the ingredients a prog fan is longing for. Melodies are all over the place here and after hearing just these first 2 songs it is clear DIM GRAY is a band to check out a.s.a.p.! This Norwegian trio could become a huge player in the future! Other highlights on their wonderful debut album are Rath, Light Anew, the light MUSEish Dreamer’s Disease, the bombastic Ouroborus and the catchy 80s influenced Black Sun (TALK TALK meets MUSE). Make sure not to miss this band, so go check them out at:  

(Points: 8.7 out of 10)




Out of Canada comes singer/songwriter/guitarist SUITCASE SAM, who delivers a great Americana/Roots/Country-rockalbum with a sorta Southern (US) Rock touch influence, despite the fact he comes out of Toronto. Along with a group of session musicians to assist him, such as MARLON CHAPLIN (piano), CHARLIE CRENSHAW (bass), BRENT RANDALL (organ), GABE GIRARD (drums) and many more, SUITCASE SAM recorded a great album that is clearly grabbing back to the past musically speaking, because there are also influences of 1920s jazz for example in a song like the short the Maple Leaf Stomp and the honky-tonking Edge Of Town. He has been in the music business for over 10 years and after a few EP releases, he released his official first full-length album in 2019, which is now followed up by Goodnight Riverdale Park. There are also some slight influences of a JOHN COUGAR and TOM PETTY to be heard here and there, such as during the lovely Frankie And Me, Morning Mail and Honey I Know. However, he has an own identity most of the time, with a musicstyle that is not heard much nowadays, although the insiders will know what I am talking about when I mention comparisons to DANNY VERA, LEON REDBONE, HANK WILLIAMS, JIMMIE RODGERS, etc. It’s best to check out this talented singer/songwriter for yourself, because his voice is as unique as the aforementioned similar country/Americana roots rockers and musically speaking it is also completely different than anything else right now, so therefore very interesting to check out. More info at:


(Points: 8.3 out of 10)




The Chicago based band RISE AGAINST is one of the major bands of the American 90s classic melodic punkrocksound since their formation in 1999. They quickly built up a huge reputation and delivered high quality albums the past 2 decades. The band’s new album is the superb Nowhere Generation, which is a super melodic mostly uptempo punkrock album with a focus on extremely catchy memorable choruses and crystal clear vocals of their singer Tim McIlrath. Along with IGNITE, they are the absolute finest bands in this genre. The rest of the band consists nowadays of bassist Joseph Principe, guitarist Zach Blair and drummer Brandon Barnes and highlights on the 11 tracks counting new album are The Numbers, Sudden Urge, Broken Dreams, Inc., Monarch and Middle Of A Dream. A great new record that will absolutely be loved by fans of the band! More info at:


(Points: 8.5 out of 10)




The 2nd album of the London based band SUPERFECTA was released back in 2018, but I had not heard of them before, so therefore now a review of this strong record. Their music is clearly Stoner Rock based, with a focus on crystal clear vocalwork and catchy choruses melted with big fat groovy guitar riffs. They are doing this at an extremely high level that reminds me a bit of MONSTER MAGNET, with also some ALICE IN CHAINS influences, although SUPERFECTA is more uptempo and also quite melodic here and there, such as can be heard during the fantastic uptempo Mannequin, which is an instant winner for people to sing-along-to (THE CULT meets MONSTER MAGNET might be a good description here). The band released their debut album Primal Instinct in 2014 and as mentioned, Disconnect followed 4 years later. Their line up consists of Danun Todd (guitars), Rob Negrini (vocals), Matt Vella (drums) and Carl “Costa” Highman (bass) and the other highlights on this great 2nd SUPERFECTA album are Insomnia and The Abyss (both reminding a lot of classic ALICE IN CHAINS) and the Classic Rockers A Little Secret and Two Thirds. As already mentioned, the material is extremely tight and absolutely rocks big time, while it is also very melodic overall, which is thanks to the superb vocals of singer Rob. Check out this sensational band at:


(Points: 8.7 out of 10)